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Transfer Film To DVD  8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm


Whether it's old family film, VHS, 8mm or Mini DV video tapes, technology is leaving those precious family memories in the dust. Mike Crivello's Camera and Imaging Center can solve most of your technology related video problems by converting those outdated formats to DVD's.


Our in-house technicians will transfer that old film (8mm, super 8 and 16mm) to DVD's that you can play at home. 8mm, Hi8mm and Mini DV tape can also be converted to DVD.


We can also take your old film, prints or slides and digitize the images for your use at home or work. Save those precious film memories to CD, DVD or even hard drives.

Imaging has been our business since 1969, only the formats have changed. You can bring all of your imaging service needs to Mike Crivello's for prompt, expert service. The following is a partial list of services. Contact the store for particular requests. 


Pricing to Digitize

With this service we transfer movie film to DVD using  specially designed equipment.  We only transfer sound from Super 8mm film. There is no sound on 8 or 16mm. Closed cassette type movies cannot be transferred without breaking the cassette.  


Looped movies cannot be transferred.  This is a "transfer only" service. We do not edit or enhance the images. We transfer all images, including blurred or poor contrast  images. Aprroximately 1600 ft. of 8mm or Super 8mm film will fit on a 2 hour DVD. 3100' 16mm. For best results, clearly mark each reel with numbers that will not fall off, in the order they are to be recorded. This is a "play-only DVD. There is no copy protection but special software is required to edit footage. Our file format is .VOB. This may or may not be editable with your software.


Pricing to Digitize

8mm/Super 8mm




Digitized film to DVD


120minutes maximum  


Music to DVD


Chapters to DVD



$39.95 minimum charge per order


5-3" reels + DVD


3" reels are 50' ($6.00 each to digitize)


Service time is 3-4 weeks.

8mm/super 8mm film splicing $1.00/splice

(not a permanent splice)


8mm film viewer rental


$25/3 days





$1.10/ print

Digital files

$0.50 per digital file

Music added




Video transfer from Digital Media to DVD

Time is based on file transfer time. Time will vary by file size.

up to 30 minutes


31-60 minutes


61-120 minutes


Duplicate copies same as above.












$3.95 per image, minimum 10 images ($39.50 minimum charge).


Video Editing

All editing is done using Final Cut Pro 7 on a Mac platform. We are able to edit any type of video

that is offered for normal transfers. (Hi8/Digital 8,VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, 8mm/Super 8mm film, Digital video).


Appointment Required

$89.00/hour (1 hour minimum) plus transfer carges.



Titles Added

$3.50/ title

Chapters added to DVD

$4.50/each chapter name

Music added



Music is added as background music only. Any synching of music to video requires an

editing appointment.Generic or customer provided music is for private use only. Any

commercial use requires copyright release at customer's expense.


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